Short Workshops

Can't make it to our camps or term programmes? We regularly organise short workshops that cater to the busy schedule of students and parents, to allow everybody to have a chance to explore their interest in various areas of coding and computational thinking. Our workshops are designed to be fun and engaging, and expose students to different software and hardware tools.

Check back here regularly for updates to schedules and new workshops!


Minecraft Modding Workshop

Age 9 - 14

Minecraft, one of the most popular games now, is more than just another video game - it allows players to showcase their creativity and learn how to create virtual worlds using a combination of artistic and technical skills.

Our Minecraft Modding workshop is specially designed for students who have played Minecraft, and are looking into how they can create almost anything within the Minecraft world using the concept of modding (modifying a video game).

Students will learn how they can create their very own personalised virtual world, and pick up basic concepts in areas such as programming, video game modding, and digital design.

No prior experience in programming is needed, though prior experience in playing Minecraft is necessary. Bring along your creative mindset and energy for loads of fun learning!

Course Details

25 Jun 2019 (Tue)
10.00am - 5.30pm
7.5 hours x 1 day
$329 (per child)
[Loshberry Campus] 587 Bukit Timah Road, Coronation Plaza, Singapore 269707
To bring a laptop installed with Minecraft PC Edition. No programming experience needed, but students must have played Minecraft.

Lunch can be catered for your child at S$10/child. Otherwise, feel free to pack food for your child or take him/her out for lunch during the break.

(Minimum 2 students to start)

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Make Your Own Chinese New Year App!

Age 7+. A Parent-Child Coding Workshop

Celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year in a fun and special way together with your child! Learn to code by making your very own unique Chinese New Year app, while picking up the basics of Computational Thinking and Coding. Students and parents will walk home with their very own interactive mobile app that they will be proud to show to their family and friends at their upcoming New Year gathering / "Bai Nian" sessions! No prior programming experience required.

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National Day Coding Workshop

Age 7+

Celebrate Singapore's birthday in a fun and special way together with your child! Learn to code by recreating our favourite scenes from the NDP on the computer! Through a friendly drag-and-drop coding platform, Scratch, we teach students the basics of computational thinking and coding, and students will walk home with their very own National Day animated e-card to celebrate Singapore's birthday! No prior programming experience required.

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Mom can code, #Ican2!

Age 7 - 12

Loshberry Code Studio celebrates Mothers in the month of May together with our non-profit partner Girls In Tech Singapore.

Join us as mom and daughter duos in this 3 hours workshop to learn, bond and create as your child picks up problem solving skills and learn about algorithmic thinking while having fun! In this year's workshop, #ican2 hopes to inspire girls to dream big and that they can too, just like their mom. What's more, bring home a mobile-friendly animated story to share with friends and family!

This workshop is perfect for ALL mothers with daughters aged 7 to 12 years old.

You are not required to be knowledgeable in coding, because we will teach you how!

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Physical and Digital Coding with Ozobot

Age 7 - 12

Can you learn coding without a computer? This exploratory workshop introduces kids to basic programming and computational thinking concepts. Discover the connection between the digital and physical worlds by making friends with a tiny robot, and get ready for a fun-filled workshop filled with hands-on learning!

What students will learn:

  • Introduction to Ozobot
  • Help Ozobot navigate maps using papers and markers (physical coding)
  • Introduction to Ozoblockly (digital coding)
  • Solve puzzle games with Ozoblockly and Ozobot

No prior experience in programming is needed. Simply bring along your creative mindset and energy!

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Children's Day Special - Design and Code an E-card with Scratch

Age 7 - 12

Celebrate Children’s Day by learning how to design and code an interactive Children’s Day card with Scratch!

Through this fun and interactive workshop, students will be introduced to basic programming and computational thinking concepts. Get ready to kickstart the journey into the world of coding through Scratch, a friendly but powerful drag-and-drop programming interface!

Students will learn how to apply their creativity to design and develop a festive greeting card that they will be proud to show to their friends and family!

No prior experience in programming needed. Simply bring along your creative mindset and energy!

Participants are advised to arrive on time, as allocated seats will be released to the next interested participant 10 minutes after the start of the workshop.

Registration closed


Gotta Code 'Em All - Pokémon Coding Workshop

Age 7+

Hunting for Pokémon this September Holidays? Join us for a 2-hour Pokémon coding workshop, and learn how to code a simple Pokémon gym battle using Scratch instead of just fighting in one! Students will learn how to create a simple game that is similar to the gym battle in the latest gaming craze, and while applying various coding and computational thinking concepts. No prior programming experience required.

Registration closed


Advanced Ozobot

Age 7+

Haven't had enough of the amazing micro-robot during the Coding Discovery Camp? Join us for this 4-week course where you will get to explore more advanced programming concepts with Ozobot! Learn to solve advanced puzzles and get Ozobot to perform complex tasks!

Registration closed

The Loshberry Advantage

Tangible Learning

We believe that young people learn best through kinesthetic and tactile activities, rather being on the screen all the time. Today's kids are growing up amongst technology, but most of it is fundamentally intangible and difficult to conceptualize for children. Our unique blend of physical and on-screen activities will help our students grasp the concepts behind how day-to-day technologies work. Students will gain a higher level of appreciation for the tools and technologies around them.

Highly qualified and experienced teaching team

Our founding team and teachers are industry practitioners who are born and bred in Singapore and are graduates of NUS School of Computing, one of the top schools in the world for Computer Science. They are familiar with both the technology and education scene in Singapore and are ready to share the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge with our students.

Specially designed and structured curriculum

Our lesson materials are prepared with our students' interests in mind and train them to think, design and code using fun and interactive activities. We have a well-structured programme to ensure that learning continues beyond the holidays.

Maximum attention

Our small class size of 6 students to 1 teacher means that our students will always get the attention they need to maximise their learning.

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