What Our Students And Parents Say

Loshberry Code Studio believes in providing quality coding education with a simplified learning experience through our engaging lessons for kids, so as to make coding approachable to all. Our camps and classes are designed to both enrich and enjoy.

Hear what our happy students and parents have to say about our classes!

**LOSHBERRY CODE STUDIO - MORE than just a coding camp**

My children chose the Intermediate Coders Camp (age 10-12) as one of their summer break activities. I find that Loshberry Code Studio stands out from other coding courses by offering more than just a coding experience. In the 5 day Intermediate Coders Camp, not only did they learned how to program codes, they experienced building hardware, making electronic gadgets, design planning and writing codes to enable their devices to work. The activities were fun and hands-on.

Hwee Shan is a fantastic coach with a great passion for what she's doing. My children had such a great time that they are continuing with the next module in the term programmes.

LOSHBERRY CODE STUDIO has what it takes to give my children a more complete computer education beyond what is taught in school.

Parent of Lauren & Megan,
12 years old,
Nexus International School Singapore

Intermediate/Youth Coders students

After every class, Andrew walks home with increased self-confidence and his face lights up when he recalls passionately about accomplishing new challenges in class. As a parent, I feel very happy when I see my child so enthusiastic and passionate about something. So I want to encourage the passion and the self-confidence.

Parent of Andrew,
8 years old,
Henry Park Primary School

Junior Coders student

My Son attended the 3-day camp and he really enjoyed it. I can tell that he was having fun whilst learning. He was raving so much about it that he wanted to carry on even after the camp. What I personally like in the program is that they have introduced proper coding and algorithm and yet they managed to impart it with the young ones and understand the logic behind it as I saw the end product myself. Loshberry is definitely a good venue to start breeding future Steve Jobs!

Parent of Mikail,
8 years old,
Dover Court International School

Junior & Tween Coders student

Surjee loved having a female teacher. It really motivated her. All the hands on activities brought it all to life.

Parent of Surjee,
9 years old,
Methodist Girls' School (Primary)

Junior Coders student

Thanks for the enriching camp experience. Lessons was conducted in a fun and engaging ways. Lots of hands-on approaches and interaction among teacher and students. My child enjoyed himself very much and is looking forward to more.

Parent of Joshua,
7 years old,
Nanyang Primary School

Junior Coders student

Hwee Shan is an excellent teacher. My son enjoys the holiday camp so much that he's continuing with the class!

Parent of Aydan,
9 years old,
Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School

Junior Coders student

My son enjoyed the holiday class so much that we are signing him up for the regular class! Lots of hands on interaction during class. It's great!

Parent of Koby,
8 years old,
Nan Hua Primary School

Junior Coders student

My 2 girls love it! They are signing up for the advanced course !