Term Programmes

Your child's coding journey does not stop at at the end of our camps. We have a series of structured term programmes to equip your child with in-depth computational thinking skills and knowledge, all while complementing his or her school work.

Term programmes are now open for enrollment! Please choose your child's age group:

Junior Coders

Age 7-9

Kickstart your child's journey into the world of coding! Let your child gain an early exposure to computational thinking and prepare him/her for advanced coding classes.

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Tween Coders

Age 10-12

For slightly older or more experienced kids, this fast-tracks students into understanding of coding and computational thinking concepts, and prepares him/her for real-world programming.

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Youth Coders

Age 13+

A series of specialised and fast-track programmes to introduce youths to coding and computational thinking, with plenty of experience on hands-on, real-world programming.

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